[jcifs] jcifs can work with more than on ADS server at same time?SSO problem

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed Jan 12 22:00:42 GMT 2005

Guofeng Zhang said:
> Hi,
> We forced to implement a following requirement: there are two domain and
> two ADS servers. The user from a domain is authenticated against the ADS
> server on that domain.

JCIFS is designed to be very simple to use. By default you cannot
authenticate users from multiple unrelated domains (If the domains have a
trust relationship than any domain controller in that trust will
successfully authenticate clients from another domain in that trust). I'm
not saying it cannot be done but it requires a more sophisticated
understanding of the protocols and the filter.

There are probably other people on this list that have implemented what
you're looking for. Maybe they can give you some pointers.


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