[jcifs] NTLMv2 / Alternative?

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Wed Jan 5 21:20:23 GMT 2005

This is quite typical for Win2K3 server, I've seen network connection problem with some 
older Windows boxes at work, however I can well understand why the admins refused 
legacy NTLM support.

Win2K3 is the standard windows server OS now, WinNT is effectively dead and Win2K 
has too short a support life.  A large number of organisations running NT servers are 
probably worried about no support for NT, so the migration is going to be relatively quick.  
jCIFS needs to support NTLMv2 soon otherwise it'll become a major headache and get 
replaced by .Net code, I doubt the jCIFS team want this!.

One of my employers clients will soon be upgrading lots of servers to Win2K3 server (I 
assume because of the lack of support for NT), it'd be a pain if I had to switch back to 
clunky "net use" batch files because jCIFS was stuck in the past.

On 5 Jan 2005 at 14:29, David Pease wrote:

> Hi. I'm looking for some advice on the following:
> I've used jCIFS for NTLM authentication on a Java web app and it's worked a
> treat, up until it's been deployed on a customer's network (Win2k3, AD) which is
> configured to only accept NTLMv2 (lmcompatibility=5?). Apparently, the customer
> refuses to change this.
> So, I can't currently use jCIFS, but I'd like to know of any alternatives around
> which could be used instead. Does anyone have a rough idea of when jCIFS will be
> supporting NTLMv2?
> Could Kerberos be used in this situation? If so, any info would be gratefully
> received, as I know nothing about Kerberos so far (e.g. how does the
> DOMAIN\USERNAME format map to the USER at REALM Kerberos format?). Can I use
> Kerberos to automatically log users into the web app using IE?
> Many thanks in advance,
> Dave
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