[jcifs] NTLMv2 / Alternative?

David Pease david.pease at theedmgroup.co.uk
Wed Jan 5 14:29:10 GMT 2005

Hi. I'm looking for some advice on the following:


I've used jCIFS for NTLM authentication on a Java web app and it's worked a

treat, up until it's been deployed on a customer's network (Win2k3, AD)
which is

configured to only accept NTLMv2 (lmcompatibility=5?). Apparently, the

refuses to change this.


So, I can't currently use jCIFS, but I'd like to know of any alternatives

which could be used instead. Does anyone have a rough idea of when jCIFS
will be

supporting NTLMv2?


Could Kerberos be used in this situation? If so, any info would be

received, as I know nothing about Kerberos so far (e.g. how does the

DOMAIN\USERNAME format map to the USER at REALM Kerberos format?). Can I use

Kerberos to automatically log users into the web app using IE?


Many thanks in advance,



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