[jcifs] Problem with guest user access

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Jan 4 22:37:39 GMT 2005

Eric Rotick said:
> I have been using jcifs for some time and everything has been working
> OK. I have recently started a project which requires plain text access
> to a very old Samba server (1.9.16p9) and authentication stopped
> working.
> I added the jcifs.smb.client.disablePlainTextPasswords=false and
> started to debug. I've noticed that if the share is guest enabled then
> jcifs expects the username to be guest. This allows the smb part to
> authenticate but then the Unix side fails as it's the wrong username.
> I've asked the Unix/Samba admin to change this but he says it will
> break other things.
> I've now changed the code in version 1.1.6 SmbSession line 288 and
> commented out the bit which checks for the username == quest. Now
> everything works OK.
> I can see from the changelog that there have been some issues with
> guest access but I;m not sure of the current status. Certainly the
> current situation won't work for me.

With NTLM and plaintext authentication if the credentials are not valid
the server may still accept the session if "guest" access is allowed. This
is not congruent with the expected behavior of our NTLM HTTP
Authentication Filter and in general I feel it is not desirable to support
the feature now or ever.

I suggest you use the modified version of jcifs. That will work precisely
as you want.


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