[jcifs] File naming problem

Alvin Anwar alvin_anwar at msn.com
Thu Dec 29 03:30:05 GMT 2005

Hi all,

Currently I noticed there's an inconsistency error in getting the 
files' names for different level of shared directory. Let me elaborate 
first. *Please correct me if I'm wrong somewhere, it might be my mistake
after all*

In JCIFS SmbFile getType() function, the shared directory is 
specified as

Currently I'm working on using JCIFS on file servers running Windows XP
SP 2 Chinese version. The unstability was found when I tries to list 
the files using listFiles() from SmbFile class at server level

When I retrieve the name and display it in a webpage (using IntergraTUM
WebDisk), some of the shared directory with Chinese characters are 
retrieved wrongly (which makes everything a broken link). On the other 
hand, when the shared directory (using Chinese character) is located as
TYPE_SHARE or the next, it can be displayed correctly.

Reading at the source code, I notice that listFiles() might be calling
different functions, depending on the path of the inputted URL (doNetEnum()
or doFindFirstNext()).

Does anybody have faced this problem before? Or have I made any mistake

Alvin Anwar

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