[jcifs] AuthenticationFilter patch for the jcifs-1.1.11.jar

Camil Bojneag cbojneag at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 23 19:07:32 GMT 2005


This mail relates to the “AutheticationFilter patch
and <error-page> definitions” message sent by Michael

This patch is supposed to work with the existing
jcifs-1.1.11.jar and add to its functionality, the
capability to display an error page – instead of a
blank one – when user credentials are refused. I
deployed this package on Tomcat and need to have this
new feature implemented. 

So, I downloaded his code and I have problems
compiling it.

There are 2 objects in his code that cannot be found
by the compiler in the classpath: AuthenticatedRequest
and Negotiate, and I don’t know either to which
package they do belong.  

Am I missing something? Should I import any other
package? Is this patch supposed to work with the
current jcifs jar?

I appreciate your feedback and thanks in advance.


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