[jcifs] NTLM filter

Emmanuel Potvin emmanuel_potvin at hotmail.com
Wed Dec 7 15:06:14 GMT 2005

Hi. My question do not concern directly jdifs, but I think you are the 
people who can understand my problem. In fact, it is a NTLM with j2ee web 
server problem.

My application security is based on windows domain login. When user login, 
he don't have to enter any credential. The server ask for ntlm 
authentication and log with it. To do that, I created a Filter and added it 
to my application.

My Filter class name is com.cpa.gare.application.presentation.NtlmFilter. I 
sent the source file as attachment.

As you can see, the filter return Authentication error to the navigator 
until he gets login information, and he puts them in request attributes 
"adDomain" and "adUserName". (ad is for active directory)

So I can use these attributes in my servlets to authenticate the user.

With Jboss, it works perfectly. I got the right information everytime, from 
everywhere. But when I use Oracle OC4J (as I must for my current 
development), I got an error I don't understand... First, instead of just 
get information from explorer, it popup me a login screen as if I use 
Firefox. Second, if I put a user in the login screen, it uses this login 
name. And for the domain name, it take the oracle application server name. 
For example, in my case : as10gmidtier.cpaerp.net (this is not even a domain 
name, this is a server name).

I really need to solve this problem... If anybody have a clue...

Emmanuel Potvin

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