[jcifs] Davenport Issue Report - User log in caching in Davenport

Jarrah Hands jhands at nd.edu.au
Wed Aug 31 06:20:46 GMT 2005

Gday guys, 


Im sure this is a well known issue, so I was hoping there was a known
solution. I'm using Davenport to allow students access to their home drives
and other drives remotely. The issue that we are experiencing is a 'caching'
of user directories at the root level. In other words if multiple users are
logged into the Davenport app then they have each others homedrives appear
at the root level. These folders are empty (expect for their own of course)
and don't prove a security risk, but it is more the annoyance factor and
some students become worried when their home drive folder appears on other
users connections. 


Is there a known solution to this? This is easy enough to deal with using a
java coded app to share the students home drives, but proves an issue in
Davenport. Anyone got any ideas? Is there a setting that I have to change in
the web.xml file or does it go deeper then that. It is my understanding that
this is an issue with JCIFS.




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