[jcifs] jcifs-1.2.2 released / Exception "cannot assign requested address" Fixed, Clusters, NetApp Filer, and More

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Sat Aug 20 04:44:20 GMT 2005

There have been a number of small fixes. These are:

o The  "cannot  assign  requested address" exception caused by trying to bind
  the local address has been fixed.
o In  a  cluster  environment  the  NTLM HTTP Filter could fail with "account
  currently  disabled"  or  "Access  denied"  errors due to a deserialization
  issue  of  "preauthentication"  credentials  stored in the HttpSession. The
  initialization  of  default  credentials has been changed however it is not
  clear  that  the  change  will have any effect as I do not have a clustered
  environment in which to test.
o The  combination  of  plain text passwords and Unicode (largely specific to
  Samba 3) has been fixed.
o A  bogus debugging statement has been discovered and removed. Who left that
  in there?!
o A  Socket.shutdownOutput()  call  has  been  added to doDisconnect as it is
  believed  to  reduce  spurrious  RST frames observed when abruptly shutting
  down  transports.  These  are  believed  to  be harmless but they have been
  associated with unsightly messages in Samba log files.
o The  copyTo()  method  will now check to see if the source path is a child,
  parent  or  equal  to  the  destination  path  and if so throw a Source and
  destination paths overlap exception.
o An  additional  debugging  statement has been added to the NTLM HTTP Filter
  domain controller interrogation code.
o The  getDiskFreeSpace  call  could  fail  with  NetApp  Filer.  It has been

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