[jcifs] Re: SmbFile.delete

Koji seaslug at hotmail.co.jp
Tue Aug 16 09:53:07 GMT 2005

Michael B Allen <mba2000 <at> ioplex.com> writes:

> I don't mean that UNC. I mean the Windows UNC path. I mean the path that
> you need to type into Start > Run on a windows machine to get to the
> target resource. Figure out what it is and verify that it works with
> Windows. It should be something like:
>   \\server\share\path\file.txt
> If it doesn't work then maybe you have the wrong path?
> When you do figure out what it is, flip the slashes around and add 'smb:'
> to the beginning like:
>   smb://server/share/path/file.txt
> Also, instead of testing with the delete command perhaps you should just
> try the Exists.java example until you figure out what the URL really is.

My problem is file.exists() returns true but file.delete() fails with
"jcifs.smb.SmbException: The system cannot find the path specified.".

In my previous message, you can see the response of queryPath, which 
contains 00000000 as errorcode. 

I tried with "smb://server/sharedFolder/home/koji/test/test.txt", and
I got same result.

By the way, I found another fact.
When I can delete the file successfully, the filename parameter in the 
request of queryPath is "\folder\filename.ext" which is same as the 
filename parameter in request of delete.
And in falure case, the filename parameter of queryPath is  

Is this useful information?

Thank you for your patience.

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