[jcifs] IntegraTUM WebDisk available

Thomas Bley thomas.bley at simple-groupware.de
Fri Aug 12 01:52:57 GMT 2005


thanks for your feedback!

NTLM HTTP Authentication is currently not used, so people need to 
provide their credentials manually (this can be a security problem if 
SSL isn't used).

Some time ago I tried to get DFS working but failed with the 
getDfsPath-Example together with w2k3 sp1. DFS wasn't any priority, so I 
dropped it from the list.

Especially for universities this is really a good solution. The current 
version is a bit modified for NetApp Filers. E.g. snapshots are loaded 
from the ~snapshot subfolder and get sorted by the lastAccessTime 
attribute. Also the getFreeDiskSpace function stopped working with jCIFS 
1.2.0. I bypassed: if(ex.getNtStatus() == 
NtStatus.NT_STATUS_INVALID_INFO_CLASS) { and it worked again as it should.


Michael B Allen wrote:
> Hey, this looks cool. I know people are looking for something like this
> (e.g. universities that want to give students web access to files). This
> is sort of like Davenport but unfortunately Davenport maintainence has
> slipped to 0.
> I'll add a link to the site next time I release an update.
> Note however that if you're supporting NTLM HTTP authentication it can
> be a little tricky (e.g. DFS redirects must be caught and translated to
> HTTP redirect). See jcifs/http/NetworkExplorer.java for details.
> If you're not supporting NTLM HTTP auth then make sure SSL is on!
> Mike
> On Fri, 12 Aug 2005 02:55:04 +0200
> Thomas Bley <thomas.bley at simple-groupware.de> wrote:
>>Hi all,
>>I've written a small web application using Java Servlets and jCIFS.
>>It is called IntegraTUM WebDisk and has already a lot of features like 
>>copying, uploading, deleting files, etc. The web application can also be 
>>used to test the performance of your file server.
>>Project Homepage:
>>Installation instructions:
>>The code is not yet fully documented, but will be next week.
>>So if You like, get your copy.
>>Best regards,
>>Thomas Bley

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