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Aaron J Weber aweber at comcast.net
Wed Aug 3 16:05:33 GMT 2005

Depending upon your version of Webtop, the container isn't responding correctly, and every frame is actually re-authenticating the user.  This is not only inefficient, but dangerous as likely the AD server's bandwidth is being consumed and occasionally is unable to respond in a timely manner, which forces the logon screen.

If you turn tracing up for jcifs in the web.xml file, you'll see what I mean.  I'm looking into how to correct this.

The other possible problem is that the 1.1.x versions do not support the default serialization WDK 5.3 uses for session failover when running in Weblogic or Websphere clusters...I have not checked whether the later versions of the jar allow for serialization, maybe Michael can comment on that.


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  > We are using JCIFS for our Documentum Webtop SSO...
  > The Current version of jcifs we are using is 1.1.0...
  > We have the following problems:
  > Users ocasionally get the Java ConcurrentModificationException error (This is fixed in jcifs-1.1.3)
  > Also, when authenticating against a Domain instead of directly against a specific domain controller, we get the following ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException error. (This is fixed in jcifs-1.1.5)

  I believe these problems are fixed in later versions.

  > For both versions 1.1.11 and 1.2.1, we encounter a problem. 
  > The problem is such that the user is able to login successfully via the SSO, and navigate the directory structure fine - up to  a certain point where the user then gets prompted to enter in a username/password....The user account eventually locks out in AD......

  What do you mean by "navigate the directory structure"? Are you using the NetworkExplorer Servlet or Davenport or something like it? If so, is that "certain point" always the same? Perhaps it's a permissions problem?

  > I would like to know what is the possibility of me getting JCIFS version 1.1.5 to test......Or would you know what the reason for the problem is - and advise how to fix it?

  I would rather you find out what's wrong with the latest version. I can give you an old version but I will not help you debug problems with any versions other than the latest.

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