[jcifs] understanding server challenge change

leostone leostone at mail.ru
Wed Apr 27 16:14:04 GMT 2005

hello mike,

I have found the cause of the trouble. After comparing successfull and failing 
log output I realized that the failing server was resolved to different ip 
addresses. So my get.challenge() causes a session to lets say
and the resolve mechanism of jcifs wich is effecitve when i do 

new SmbFile("smb://Server/Share",auth).connect();

resolves the "Server" to  et voila - different server challenge!!!

again thanx
for taking the time

-----Original Message-----

>You have to be 100x more clear. You started out saying some change in
>1.1.10 caused a problem. Then it was the challenge was "changing". Now it
>works in staging but not in production.
>I suggest that you backup and start over. Determine precisely at which
>point the application does not do what you expected. Provide a stack trace
>and narrate the possible causes. Provide information about your
>environment. What type of server, container, versions, etc. Do not assume

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