[jcifs] understanding server challenge change

leostone leostone at mail.ru
Tue Apr 26 15:27:45 GMT 2005

i have to correct the information regarding that it works with
an XP server but not with an win2k server. in fact the server
where it works and where it does not are both win2k servers. so I am even more puzzled.
any hints what registry settings i could check or at least an explanation
of what would cause the server to use a new challenge is very much appreciated.

thanx leo

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>leostone said:
>> thanks, but the resource is on the server for wich i get the challenge.
>Then it should work. Does the NetworkExplorer example work?
>Can you manually create an NtlmPasswordAuthentication object and access
>the desired resource?
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>>>On Mon, 25 Apr 2005 21:41:55 +0400
>>>leostone <leostone at mail.ru> wrote:
>>>> hi, i have some trouble with changing server challenges.
>>>> i do SmbSession.getChallenge(ipOfTargetServer), then i feed this
>>>> challenge
>>>> to NtlmSsp.authenticate() wich returns an NtlmPasswordAuthentication
>>>> object. Next thing i do is creating a SmbFile using this
>>>> NtlmPasswordAuthentication object and do a SmbFile.connect();
>>>> The trouble is, on a WinXP target server this works, on a Win2K server
>>>> the
>>>> challenge changes and i get a SmbAuthException from the
>>>> SmbFile.connect()
>>>> method. Can someone explain what might be going on and how i could fix
>>>> it.
>>>An NtlmPasswordAuthentication object is only valid with the server
>>>from which it's challenge originated. If you wish to access resources
>>>on arbirary hosts you must renegotiate NTLMSSP with a challenge for
>>>each host.
>>>This can be tricky because you usually need to track these credentials
>>>separately. See how jcifs.http.NetworkExplorer keeps track of creds with
>>>req.getSession().setAttribute( "npa-" + server, ntlm );
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