[jcifs] Apache + mod_jk + jcifs

Scott Paffrath sp at mailinator.com
Fri Apr 8 02:10:03 GMT 2005

Hello, I am moving from an IIS/Tomcat environment to a Red Hat/Apache/Tomcat
environment for serving an Intranet on a Windows based LAN. I am using SAMBA and
mod_jk to bring it all together. 

My problem is in duplicating the automatic NTLM authentication that IIS
provided. I can do this by using the JCIFS filter and accessing web applications
directly through Tomcat - that works beautifully. But when I route the http
requests through apache/mod_jk instead of directly to Tomcat I run into problems
and it will prompt the user for credentials. Specifically, it will prompt IE for
credentials at rare but (as far as I can tell) random times. It will prompt
Firefox/Mozilla for credentials on every page. Again, all of these browsers work
exactly as expected when requesting to Tomcat directly.

The only possible solutions I've found on the net are regarding the keep-alive
configurations in the httpd.conf file but I have made sure the keep-alive is on
both globally and for the individual browsers. Is apache or mod_jk doing
something more to the headers that is interfering with the NTLM process? Any
insight would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Scott Paffrath

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