[jcifs] problem with jCIFS and samba (security=share)

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Sep 30 20:53:31 GMT 2004

s-jacobi at web.de said:
> hi,
> why do i can't login/access a samba-server that is configured with:
> "security=share"
> everything works fine with "security=user" but not all of the target
> machines
> are configured that way.
> as i can see from the jcifs-log, that the user "joker" is set to guest!?
> guest is not allowed so it fails ...

JCIFS does not permit the server to default to the GUEST account if
another username is specified. Either you must specify user "guest"
explicitly or create the target user on the Samba server with proper
credentials (ie. create the user "joker" with the proper credentials).


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