[jcifs] problem when using DCOM

xiaobo xiaobo_zju at sohu.com
Mon Sep 27 07:05:55 GMT 2004

hi, all
I'm learning on jarapac, and trying to connect to the DCOM server with
it. But there seems to be lots of trouble.
1. The DCOM server askes lots of parameters, for example, binding
handler. In DCOM spec, nearly every method requires this parameter. I guess this
parameter is not required indeed, it's just passed to the rpc
runtime. The rpc runtime never sends it out, am I right?
2. The DCOM spec says that it doesn't need context handle any more. But
when I'm using Ethereal to see the context id, to my suprise, it changes
from 0 to 1. Anybody tell me why?
3. A silly problem, when should I use the alter_context pdu? If I
disable all secutiy options at the server side, should I need support
this pdu any more?
Thanks in advance!
just novice, always humility
xiaobo <xiaobo_zju at sohu.com>

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