[jcifs] Re: jarapac, idlc, and TNG

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Mon Sep 27 03:19:47 GMT 2004

First, I'm CCing the jCIFS mailing list. That's currently where
idlc/jarapac is discussed. I recommend getting on that list if you want to
follow the latest idlc developments. It might be useful if really end up
using idlc/jarapac.

Elrond said:
>> > On Tue, Sep 07, 2004 at 07:12:13PM -0400, Michael B Allen wrote:
>> > > Elrond said:
>> > > > I'm just about to look at idlc, maybe I can use it somehow
>> > > > for TNG and submit something back to you or the like...
>> > >
>> > > I'd be happy to setup a skeleton emit_svrstub_c.c file. That and a
> Okay...
> My current marshalling (and rudimentary free) code in tng
> asks more and more for being tried to be gnerated.
> So can you setup something in this area?

Yes. But I recently changed the Java emitter quite dramatically (see
idlc-0.4.0) so I need a chance to play around with that first to verify
that the technique is going in the right direction as it will surely
influence the C emitter.

Also I'm only willing to do a skeleton that does the simple stuff. You'll
have to flesh it out and get all the test cases working. It's only about
~500 lines of code but you have to know NDR very very well to get all the
test cases right. Is that ok with you?

> [...]
>>   idlc -v -t c foo.idl
>> Sorry, Java is the default ;->
> No problem.
> I'm actually thin[k]ing, that using a java based DCE/RPC port
> mapper or other services on a unix box might be real fun.

This doesn't sound like a really great idea to me. You really want to
throw Java into the mix, write a Java server stub emitter for idlc, and
duplicate all good chunk of DCE glue just for the port mapper? Again,
Jarapac is just client side right now.

>> > Something completely different:
>> > Do you happen to know, if java (on unix) can listen on
>> > "unix domain sockets"? If so, we could create rpc-servers
>> > in java for the cifs world too: TNG internally forwards
>> > named pipes to unix domain sockets.
>> Certainly, but it would need some JNI (Java Native Interface) glue to
>> create the domain socket. Also Jarapac is largely client oriented at
>> the moment. You would have to ask Eric Glass if it could be coerced to
>> include server support.
> Which email does Eric Glass have currently? (didn't find it
> quickly on the websites.)

It's eric.glassATgm ail.com.


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