[jcifs] Jcifs, save! the bErNd!

Gangrenes G. Breton daguhe at minister.com
Fri Sep 24 02:48:03 GMT 2004

I swwear by Good, I will have this loovely rabbit foor Neew Year's Evve Dinneer
if my acccount doessn't shhow a balancce of at least 1'000'000 ˆ by latesst 
31st Deec 2004 !
You can save Beernd!!!
I proomise I will noot just noot eat Bernnd but I will alsso give him to a bunny 
brreeding farm whhere he can sppend thhe reest of his life as playboy in a way 
that we would all be jealous of.

Berrnd's Life
... dunnno as I found him a montth ago on a rainy and colld nighht underrneath 
a banana boox nexxt to a botttle bank and thhe owwner didn't shoow up evver sincce. 
He noow reegaineed strenggth as I feed him ovver thhe last montth...

 Beernd's Ennd
... is in your handds! Eithher you enablle him a life in Rabbit-Playboy-Paradise or 
I will have for New Year's Eve!


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