[jcifs] Davenport over HTTP

Daniel Perez dperez at fib.upc.es
Wed Sep 22 14:57:32 GMT 2004


I've been redirected to this mail list, although my questions are 
related to Davenport smb client.

I was wondering whether someone has implemented those lacking functions 
of Davenport (http). At the moment, Davenport (http) is only able to 
read files & dirs, but it cannot upload, rename or delete files. Has 
anybody written these functionalities? I've written some code to allow 
uploading, deleting and renaming files and I would be glad to contribute 
it  to Davenport project, but I should work a bit to integrate my code 
into Davenport code base (not very much, since I've only changed 
DefaultPostHandler and davenport.xsl).

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