[jcifs] Re: Remote command Execution?

Jean-Baptiste Marchand Jean-Baptiste.Marchand at hsc.fr
Fri Sep 10 21:57:06 GMT 2004


* Oleg Alexeyev <Oleg.Alexeyev at Arcadia.spb.ru> [10/09/04 - 23:47]:

> This article doesn't contain IDLs, only function names and their numbers,
> there are no parameters and structure definitions. Is there IDL source
> somewhere?


As said earlier, the Samba team is working on a complete DCE RPC
implementation and they've written IDL for important MSRPC interfaces,
including svcctl.

You'll need a checkout of Samba 4 branch, see http://devel.samba.org/.

> Some time ago I was trying to obtain SCM interface and made some draft of
> the IDL (attached) using Muddle tool
> (http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~matthewc/muddle/) (to extract function numbers
> and their parameters from exe), MS Network Monitor (to map function numbers
> to function names by calling Win32 functions and watching the packets) and
> Win32 API docs (to make parameters and structures meaningful). It wasn't
> tested at all (and wasn't actually finished) :(, so perhaps it might be
> useful as starting point only.

Interesting to see what you've obtained with muddle, Win32 programming
and netmon :)

These days, the ethereal network analyzer has a very good support for
typical MSRPC interfaces.

> If anybody has better ideas on how to obtain interfaces ;), or already has
> SCM IDL / made some progress working with it from Java, I'd be really glad
> to hear.

Look at Samba 4 IDLs, you should be interested.

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