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Oleg Alexeyev Oleg.Alexeyev at Arcadia.spb.ru
Fri Sep 10 17:57:28 GMT 2004


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> > I think its possible using RPC to remotely install and start an
> arbitrary
> > service on a remote windows machine (from a windows machine).
> Is it possible to
> > do something similar from Linux, using jarapac perhaps? This
> could be another
> > way to implement remote command execution by installing the appropriate
> > service.
> Samba4 has the IDL for the svcctl interface, which is the MSRPC
> interface that can used to remotely administer the Windows SCM:
> http://www.hsc.fr/ressources/articles/win_net_srv/#htoc33

This article doesn't contain IDLs, only function names and their numbers,
there are no parameters and structure definitions. Is there IDL source

Some time ago I was trying to obtain SCM interface and made some draft of
the IDL (attached) using Muddle tool
(http://www.cse.unsw.edu.au/~matthewc/muddle/) (to extract function numbers
and their parameters from exe), MS Network Monitor (to map function numbers
to function names by calling Win32 functions and watching the packets) and
Win32 API docs (to make parameters and structures meaningful). It wasn't
tested at all (and wasn't actually finished) :(, so perhaps it might be
useful as starting point only.

If anybody has better ideas on how to obtain interfaces ;), or already has
SCM IDL / made some progress working with it from Java, I'd be really glad
to hear.

Oleg Alexeyev
Software Architect
Arcadia Inc. http://www.arcadia.spb.ru
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