[jcifs] name resolving

Alexander Buloichik Alexander_Buloichik at epam.com
Wed Sep 8 06:18:21 GMT 2004

On 8 September 2004 03:45, Eric Glass wrote:
> > > can we implement this rule in jcifs ?Which java class should I change ?
> >
> > I think it would be problematic to even determine what your subnet mask
> > is. Look at:
> >
> > jcifs/netbios/NameServiceClient.java:getByName
> > jcifs/netbios/NameServicePacket.java:readResourceRecordWireFormat
> >
> > and try to determine why the ssnLimit doesn't achive what you want.
> You could possibly bitwise-or jcifs.netbios.baddr with
> jcifs.smb.client.laddr, then with each of the target IPs to see which
> one matches.  I'm still not clear on what the original poster's issue
> is, though, unless the other address (the one jCIFS is selecting) is
> unreachable from the client.
> It sounds like (just restating for clarification and verification)
> that a multihomed client is registering two IP addresses in WINS under
> the same name ( and  jCIFS always selects
> "", whereas Win2k clients always select "".
> The issue (I guess) is that cannot be reached from the
> client, causing jCIFS to be unable to connect.  Is this a correct
> assessment Alex?

I will try to fix this problem in jCIFS.

> Eric

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