[jcifs] A question about davenport

Jaume Moral jaumem at fib.upc.es
Mon Sep 6 15:49:33 GMT 2004


We are planning to use Davenport to give web and webdav access to the 
student working folders at our university.

But we noticed a strange behaviour. Suppose we have 2 accounts, and we 
have access only to one of them.

We use davenport to access the first one, using a url like


using the username and password. Everything is ok and we see the 
directory contents.

Now we try to access to the other account using


and we get an exepcion: "The network name cannot be found.". Ok, it's 

And now, the problem. We access to the root folder


and we can see the public shares, "myaccount" folder .. and 
"otheraccount" folder!

Why? We don't have access to this folder and when we try to access it, 
we get an exception. It seems that the access is cached, but it never 

Any ideas? Is it a bug or a feature?


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