[jcifs] Remote command Execution?

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Fri Sep 3 02:48:30 GMT 2004

Michael B Allen said:
> Then run your TestAtsvc program. It probably won't work the first time
> around but

This was very easy. The attached works with idlc + Jarapac. But I don't
know how to interpret the job_time value. It's not seconds from 1970. It's
relative to 12am or something like that. I tried 0xFFFFFFFF thinking that
might be interpreted as "now" but it didn't work. I think you might have
to somehow get the server time and then compute the job_time + 5 seconds
or something like that. If you figure it out pls let us know.

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interface atsvc
	import "rpc.idl";

	typedef struct {
		uint32_t job_time;
		uint32_t days_of_month;
		uint8_t days_of_week;
		uint8_t flags;
		[string,unique] wchar_t *command;
	} JobInfo;

	int AtsvcJobAdd([in,string,unique] wchar_t *servername,
		[in] JobInfo *job_info,
		[out] uint32_t *job_id);
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