[jcifs] Role Based Authentication

Myron Uecker muecker at us.ibm.com
Wed Sep 1 14:42:20 GMT 2004

> How do I do role based authentication using JCIFS.
> Configuration - Tomcat 5

Are you talking about authentication (logging on to the system) or 
authorization (what the user has access to)?  jCIFS handles the 
authentication based on a Windows domain login id and password.  If you 
are wanting to know how to handle authorization, here is how I did it:

I used the NtlmHttpFilter to handle authentication.  I then created a 
second filter to perform a JAAS login using the DatabaseLoginModule 
supplied by JBoss.  The userid was supplied by jCIFS 
(request.getRemoteUser()), but I hard-coded the password to always return 
'X' because jCIFS doesn't provide it.  I then created a sub-class of 
HttpServletWrapper and wrote my own isUserInRole() method by parsing the 
Subject to retrieve the set of roles.

I used JBoss, but the same method should apply to almost any server.

Myron Uecker
muecker at us.ibm.com

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