[jcifs] Unknown NTStatus

Carsten cad at halvotec.de
Mon Oct 11 14:25:52 GMT 2004

Hello there,

in my project I'm using jcifs-0.9.6 and the NTLMHttpFilter to authenticate 
users with NTLM to an active directory domain controller. A week ago we have 
changed our environment to WebLogic 8.1 SP 2 with jdk1.4.2. For four days the 
application ran without any problem. From one day to another the domain 
controller has answered the jcifs request with an NTStatus '-1073741715'. I 
couldn't found anything about such an NTStatus.
The problem is that it appeared on two independent servers with the same 
configuration, calling the same DC. The error started on both servers nearly at 
the same time.
Does anyone know about a bug in jcifs which will cause such behaviour? When 
there is no bug in jcifs which can explain such behaviour, what must happen, to 
occur such an error? Maybe some Privileges that will be changed on the DC or 
Active Directory?

thanks in advance


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