[jcifs] NetUserSetInfo and passwords

Thorsten.Leistenschneider at bertelsmann.de Thorsten.Leistenschneider at bertelsmann.de
Tue Nov 2 08:19:14 GMT 2004

Hi everyone,

I have a very weird problem, occurring when I use the NetUserSetInfo
method to set a user's password...

First of all the method actually sets a password - i can see that in the
Windows UserManager, because I set the option "user must change password
at next logon" before the method call and the option was cleared after
the method call.

Unfortunately NetUserSetInfo doesn't set the password I specify by
setting the "password" field of the UserInfo1 structure, because a logon
with that password doesn't work.

Now comes the weird thing: If I use a password containing only numbers,
NetUserSetInfo works.

Any ideas? Help would be greatly appreciated.


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