[jcifs] NTLM authentication / security policy in AD

Jan Pavelka jan.pavelka at muskareni.cz
Wed Mar 3 15:14:42 GMT 2004


we have implemented NTLM Http Authentication and all tests were
successfully passed. Everything looked OK till we started operation
running with all users.

In our AD there is security policy which ensures that common users have
permissions to log into domain only from their personal computers. When
they try to access our web application they are not authorized at all. In
security log on DC we found that user from computer \\JCIFS1_27_4A cannot
be authorized.

OK - we thought that we can add this computer in security policy in AD and
everything will work because this computer name was the same for all
users. But after restart of web server the computer name changed to
JCIFS1_27_4B. So our idea to add this computer in user profile in AD
wouldn't help.

I there any possibilty to fix this value? Or do you have any hints how to
solve this problem?

All answers are very appreciated.

Kind regards
  Jan Pavelka

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