[jcifs] Port specification

eglass1 at comcast.net eglass1 at comcast.net
Mon Jun 28 10:39:38 GMT 2004


I was wanting to get your take on including support for port specification
(i.e., "smb://server:4567/share/dir/file.txt").  One of the things I'm
toying about with for Davenport is support for HTTP tunneling between
instances.  This would work as follows:

1)  An alias is created in Davenport instance "dav1", representing a remote
SMB server (i.e., part of a completely different network).  This would be
accessed via a WebDAV/HTTP client like:


2)  Davenport installs a listener on a local port (i.e., 4567) and maps
requests to "myalias" to this port:

    http://dav1/davenport/myalias -> smb://localhost:4567/

3)  The listener tunnels the SMB traffic over HTTP(S) POST to a remote
Davenport instance (i.e., "http://dav2/endpoint/").

4)  The remote Davenport instance pipes the data in the POST request to the
real server (i.e., "smb://myserver/"), and sends pending response content
back in the HTTP response.

5)  The HTTP response is fed back to the SMB client connected to

I've currently got a standalone tunnel working (i.e., not integrated with
Davenport as of yet, and needs a bit of work), but it only works if I set
the listener on localhost:139 (since jCIFS currently only connects to that
port).  Any thoughts?


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