[jcifs] File corruption using JCIFS

Brent Andrewsen BAndrewsen at novell.com
Mon Jun 21 20:16:17 GMT 2004

One of our developers is using JCIFS to write files to a remote samba
mount. Everything works great as long as the files are under 100k. 
SUSE LINUX enterprise 8
Tomcat 4.1.28
JDK 1.4.1_03
We've duplicated this on both Linux and Windows (same Tomcat and JDK
versions). We also noticed the earlier discussion thread on this topic,
but do not see any resolution. Is there a bug reporting area for JCIFS
somewhere? I was unable to find it on the JCIFS home page or through
As a workaround, the developer is attempting to allocate the buffer
size to the file length and write the whole thing in batch. The good
news is that it works, but the bad news is that it's on a high-traffic
production system, that doesn't have room for error in the JVM memory
space. If someone uploads large files (100mb+), the potential to kill
the server exists. Does anyone have a good work around for this issue
Thanks for any help in advance,
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