[jcifs] WINS setting being ignored

Michael Kerley michael at enkoo.com
Fri Jun 18 00:57:44 GMT 2004

I'm having trouble getting the WINS setting to work in jCIFS.  I set the 
jcifs.netbios.wins property as directed in the documentation, but it has 
no effect.  If I do jcifs.Config.getProperty("jcifs.netbios.wins") I do 
see the WINS server there, but every tcpdump I've done shows that only 
broadcast requests are being sent out.  Also, I tried setting the 
jcifs.resolveOrder property to "WINS" (no other methods), and still I 
only see broadcasts.  I've tried this with versions 0.7.19 and 0.9.2, 
and both have the same results.

Is there something that would cause jCIFS to ignore the WINS setting?


Michael Kerley
Principal Engineer
enKoo, Inc.
E-mail: michael at enkoo.com

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