[jcifs] jCIFS at CIFS2004

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Thu Jun 3 22:57:50 GMT 2004

Christopher R. Hertel said:
> There are a lot of people using jCIFS these days.  I'm sure one of you can
> fill the gap.

Actually we don't really have a lot more features than we had a year ago.
We can do DFS and SMB signatures but no oplocks, RPCs, or a whole lot of
other stuff you would need to use it as a testing tool.

But there are a lot of things you could do. Here are some things you might

We just did a cleanup release. The 0.9 series is very stable (provided
nothing pops up between now and the time you present).

Run through the usual functionality list:

LMv2 (but no NTLMv2)
Sophisticated name resolution
Multiple WINS entires
DFS Support
SMB signatures

Features in the pipeline are:

Extended authtentication for the Filter at least

Be certain to mention that JCIFS is 100% Java and that little jar file is
all you need to run equally well on Linux and IBM Mainframes as it will on
Windows. If you google around for "jcifs" and look at developer
descriptions in blogs and forums you'll see they have a tendency to claim
CIFS in Java is one of those things that just isn't practical so they
assume it requires MS libraries or C calls. It does not.

The NTLM HTTP Filter is very popular so you pretty much have to mention
it. Again, to supress common misconceptions the JCIFS Filter actually
authenticates against the domain controller(s) unlike the countless hacks
found in community forums. It is genuinely stable and secure (minus
"guest" account bugs :) and scales to thousands of concurrent users
because it multiplexes sessions over the same transports (does mod_ntlm or
squid do that?).

JCIFS is faaaassssst. Run T2Crawler in the background while your speaking.
If it's setup right it will enumerate all the files on a system in a few
seconds. Code something on the fly that uses copyTo to copy a big tree of
crap from one machine to another with 3 lines of code. Meanwhile do the
same in Explorer and then run the program and see how much quicker it is.

Talk about Davenport. It's the jCIFS "killer app". Run it somewhere and
give them the URL so people can surf the network.

Show how easy it is to write a little app with JCIFS.

Run SmbShell and cd around the network. It would be a wonderful CLI if we
enabled get/put and had command history.


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