[jcifs] Re: SPNEGO NTLM/Kerberos

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed Jun 2 03:40:22 GMT 2004

Christopher R. Hertel said:
> Michael B Allen wrote:
> :
>> The most important thing is that we keep the API small and simple. That
>> makes it easy to use, easy to document, and keeps the daemons at bay. Of
>> course that demands forethought or painful refactoring (mutually
>> exclusive) which takes a lot of time but pays off big in the long run.
> One of the ideas I had way back in the midsts of time was that jCIFS,
> being
> built on Java, would be small and suitable for use in embedded systems.
> That was an original goal and I am glad that jCIFS has taken on a life of
> its own.
> Still, it would be nice if some of that spirit were to carry over.  I
> would
> like to see the project minimize the set of requirements (which libraries,
> which version of Java, etc.) and external dependancies.

Well so far we don't have any such dependencies. Presumably if we did
kerberos or similar and you didn't have some require library, the client
would still function provided you didn't use that functionality.

The real obsticle for embedded systems is that the embedded VM is much
more limited. In particular there is no i18n conversion IIRC. That's not
too hard to fix but what it really boils down to is there's no interest.
Would you rather we work on RPC and SPNEGO or some feature nobody has even
asked about?


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