[jcifs] jCIFS at CIFS2004

Christopher R. Hertel crh at ubiqx.mn.org
Wed Jun 2 02:52:29 GMT 2004

Okay, folks.  This is really, really important to me.

In years past I have tried to do justice to jCIFS at the annual CIFS
conference.  As things progress, however, I've become more and more the
"theory" guy and less and less capable of doing justice to the amazing thing
that is jCIFS.

I really need someone who knows jCIFS, knows how it works inside, and knows
what can be done with it to show up at the CIFS conference this year.

I can probably work with other Samba Team folk to squeeze out an hour for a
tutorial on the wonders of jCIFS.  If that's not an option, the seminars are
45minutes in length.

This is really good stuff, and it shouldn't be left to me to show it off.

I'm trying to get three types of people to go:

- Mike and Eric, who have the most successful cluefarms.
- jCIFS users who want to learn more from the experts.
- Anyone else who knows enough about jCIFS to talk about it, ask questions
  about it, show what they've done with it, etc.

Those who can't go...  If you work for or are affiliated with an
organization that has funds, please consider:

- Sponsoring the CIFS conference.
- Sponsoring someone who can go.

...and moral support is always good too!

There's my pitch.  Think about it.  Lots of folks have benefitted from
jCIFS.  Here's your chance to help everyone out.


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