[jcifs] jcifs-0.9.0 released / Documentation

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Jun 1 23:36:38 GMT 2004

Eric said:
>>>Actually, if GUEST is enabled (which I know it often isn't),
>>>would this set up signing as well?  I can never remember if GUEST auth
>>>"counts" for signing, or if it's like the anonymous user (where no
>>> signing
>>>is done).
>> I know, I was drawing a blank on this as well. NULL credentials do NOT
>> trigger signing and that is checked in our "crazy conditional" (now in
>> new
>> isSignatureSetupRequired method). But the check for GUEST is commented
>> out. IIRC you claimed GUEST did not trigger signing but I later observed
>> that that was not the case so I commented out the exclusion. I'll just
>> have to enable guest on a machine and test it sometime.
> Yes, that seems correct; I'll have to dig back in the list archives, but
> I remember I had initially excluded both GUEST and anonymous from
> signing and it was incorrect.

I was just looking at the SNIA document which reads:

... If the resulting logon is non-null and non-guest, then the
SMB_COM_SESSION_SETUP_ANDX response and all subsequent SMB requests and
responses must include a MAC. The first non-null, non-guest logon
determines the key to be used for the MAC for all subsequent sessions."

Still needs a test I think.


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