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Gary Rambo grambo at aventail.com
Tue Jun 1 23:21:02 GMT 2004

Yes this is a side-point from the problem in the Re: SmbFile( thread. I 
was responding to the statement about the ~200 shares limit for 

We have NetServerEnum3, not NetShareEnum3, and too bad, too. 
NetServerEnum3 won't help with a many-shares problem. Removing

	maxDataCount = 4096;

from NetShareEnum.java will send the enumeration request with a larger 


Michael B Allen wrote:
> Gary Rambo said:
>>Michael B Allen wrote:
>>>... JCIFS will need to support RPCs before it can ... enumerate more
>>Short of implementing the NetRShareEnum RPC you can comment-out the line
>>	maxDataCount = 4096
>>in the NetShareEnum.java constructor, so that maxDataCount will be
>>initialized by the base class SmbComTransaction.java, (default 64K - 512
>>bytes). This will enable collecting a lot more than ~200 shares with the
>>NetShareEnum RAP, although the other NetShareEnum limitations still
>>apply, of course.
> Ahh, I forgot we have NetShareEnum3 now so this limit is moot for jCIFS
> (the OPs problem was actually the length of the name IIR). Why would we
> need to comment that out?
> Mike

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