[jcifs] Re: SmbFile(

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Tue Jun 1 23:10:06 GMT 2004

Gary Rambo said:
> Michael B Allen wrote:
>> ... JCIFS will need to support RPCs before it can ... enumerate more
>> than
> Short of implementing the NetRShareEnum RPC you can comment-out the line
> 	maxDataCount = 4096
> in the NetShareEnum.java constructor, so that maxDataCount will be
> initialized by the base class SmbComTransaction.java, (default 64K - 512
> bytes). This will enable collecting a lot more than ~200 shares with the
> NetShareEnum RAP, although the other NetShareEnum limitations still
> apply, of course.

Ahh, I forgot we have NetShareEnum3 now so this limit is moot for jCIFS
(the OPs problem was actually the length of the name IIR). Why would we
need to comment that out?


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