[jcifs] Re: Problems with NtlmServlet and post method

Chris Conner chris_conner at dell.com
Thu Jan 15 18:43:04 GMT 2004

Need way to turn off NTLM in IE after it has been set?

 After the Authorization header "WWW-Authenticate= NTLM" is sent to the client 
and the user is logged on via NTLM handshake, the user then wants to log out 
and log in manually using a different account.(non NTLM internal 
authentication via a servlet would be used)

The problem is that I need a way to tell IE to not use NTLM authentication 
anymore. i.e. pass back something like "Authorization header = none" to turn 
off NTLM from the client side? Does anyone know if this can be done?

-Chris Conner

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