Re: [jcifs] NTLM Auth - Multiple domain defi nition

Jan Pavelka jan.pavelka at
Mon Jan 12 16:48:56 GMT 2004

Hello Mike,

I tried to use the name of domain and WINS so I was not dependent on 1 DC.
But I need to set about ten different domain names (they are all trusted).

So as far as I know it is not possible yet, am I right?

Probably I will use the alternative with DC because users from different
domains can be authenticated. If domain controller is down our monitoring
tools will inform us and we can change web.xml and redirect it on another

As soon as possible the new functionality will be released I will add it
to our web applications.


>> Oh, I see what you're saying. Unfortunately this is currently not
>> possible. But it
>> should be. I need to do the same for WINS. I've been meaning to look at
>> that.
> Although, I forgot to point out that ideally you should use the name of
> the domain
> so that WINS is used to retrieve any IP acting as a domain controller for
> that
> domain. In practice, if a domain controller goes down the IP is probably
> left over
> in WINS which means I still need some kind of fail over mechanism.
> Mike

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