[jcifs] reading lines from SmbFiles

andrea.lanza at frameweb.it andrea.lanza at frameweb.it
Fri Jan 9 12:05:17 GMT 2004

how can I translate this code

            java.io.FileReader fr = new java.io.FileReader(myFile);
            java.io.BufferedReader p = new java.io.BufferedReader(fr);

            while ((myline = p.readLine()) != null) {

myFile is a java.io.File

now I want it to become a SmbFile

I could use

            jcifs.smb.SmbFileInputStream fis  = new

but here I have no readLine() method, really useful for me and the kind of
files I am accessing.

Is there a way to get a BufferedReader starting from a SmbFile ?

sorry if my question is too stupid....


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