[jcifs] Re: [Davenport-general] 0.9.7 failed, while 0.9.6 worked

eglass1 at comcast.net eglass1 at comcast.net
Thu Feb 12 16:52:20 GMT 2004

> Just curious if anyone else has problems with 0.9.7?  We updated to
> 0.9.6 and it works both in Web and DAV modes from Windows 2000 (IE) and
> Ximian (Nautilus).  But 0.9.7 refused to work from either platform in
> DAV mode.  I stopped tomcat, replaced the war file, nuked the davenport
> directory, restarted tomcat, reconfigured in web.xml, etc... a couple of
> times: reverting back to 0.9.6 worked.
> I'm happy with 0.9.6; just wondering if I'm alone.

Ackk.  This was caused by the OPTIONS and PROPFIND handlers redirecting for
directories not terminated with "/" (which was an "enhancement" in 0.9.8).
Works under XP, but not 2000.  Turns out it shouldn't work on any platform;
only for GET and HEAD.  Which is okay, because it turns out the lack of a "/"
wasn't really causing the issues I was seeing anyways.

I'll be rolling 0.9.8 out tonight, hopefully.  And, hopefully, not breaking
anything else ;)


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