[jcifs] Re: Alert: ArrayIndexOutOfBoundsException with jcifs-1.1.3

Johan Danforth johandanforth at bredband.net
Fri Dec 17 08:19:05 GMT 2004

> Actually I really don't think it's the load in itself. The Filter is
> used by a lot of people in large settings. I think it's something that
> the filter relies on that is failing. For example if WINS returns a
> list of DCs and then the next time returns and empty list that would
> cause exactly the error you recieved. That shouldn't be able to happen
> and I can fix that but I'm not certain just stress testing with a lot
> of clients is going to yield the results you're looking for.
> When I apply the fix for 1.1.5 I recommend just running that in production
> as the particular error you received will not be possible.
> Mike

Ah, good, good. I don't think can put the new version in at once, will have to 
wait until we get a service window in January. 

Nice work (as usual) Mike. As soon as we've put the new package in production, 
I'll let you know.

Merry X-mas!


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