[jcifs] Where do the log info goes?

McDonnell, Colm (MLIM) colm_mcdonnell at ml.com
Tue Dec 14 16:41:08 GMT 2004

jCIFS log events are written to stderr so the destination for these log
events is up to you, for example; you could pipe stderr to stdout when
starting your process, you could direct the JVM to write stderr to a
named log file etc. The following JVM command line parameter will
instruct WebLogic to write stderr to the file "/stderr.log". 
I don't know what the equivalent command is for WebSphere but a quick
google threw this up:

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	Hi Guys,

	Once again me. As specified in the previous posting I am running
the HTTP NTLM filter on Websphere 5.1 and Apache 1.3

	I have enabled logging in the filter by using the followeing
filter parameter:


	Where do thiss logging information goes?

	Having been able to debug properly since I dont see th logs

	Thanks in advance  for your help

	Fabricio Mejia Arias 
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