[jcifs] RPC and JCIFS 1.0

Michael B Allen mba2000 at ioplex.com
Wed Aug 18 02:12:33 GMT 2004

Eric Glass said:
> If
> Jarapac can get over the last few bumps I think a lot could be done
> with it fairly quickly.

Yes and no. Clearly we could just throw in RPCs all over the place but I
think we should first rethink how we manage credentials. The NPA model
isn't that great. Perhaps it would be better to follow MS' lead and do
something like .NET WindowsPrincipal/WindowsIdentity (described in that
.NET developers guide link you posted). There are several advantages to
doing that. If we do that it would be great if we could get NETLOGON going
straight away. Then develop the WindowsPrincipal API (or whatever API for
managing credentials) and then rebuild the library around that.

But before we tear up the API we should release 1.0 so people have
something stable to stand on.


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