[jcifs] RPC Stub Format Changes

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Tue Aug 17 23:32:49 GMT 2004

> If you're curious, below is srvsvc.java (only the NetShareEnumAll
> operation w/ 2 info levels). I think this is a good format. Note how
> unions are represented as abstract super classes that each arm extends for
> type safety.
> Idlc now also runs the preprocessor on each file and fully supports
> 'import' statements.
> Now I just have to make it write a file instead of dumping the output to
> stdout :)

Very cool stuff ;)

I'm still digging into Davenport (rehashing all the documentation,
looking to do a release soon).  After that, I'll poke Jarapac a bit. 
I still want to do a bunch of work on the jcifs-ext stuff, but if
Jarapac can get over the last few bumps I think a lot could be done
with it fairly quickly.


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