[jcifs] Re: jarapac-0.2.0 relased

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Sun Aug 15 00:19:52 GMT 2004

The provider thing is just address parsing; you should be able to run it like:

java TestNetShareEnumAll "ncacn_np:server[\\PIPE\\srvsvc]"

This works for me, but gets an error parsing the NDR UUID
("8a885d04-1ceb-11c9-9fe8-08002b104860").  This is just because the
timeLow field ("8a885d04") is declared as an int in UUID.java rather
than a long (it's a 32 bit unsigned).  I tried fiddling with it a bit
but got another error in DefaultConnection; in transmitFragment, it
calls processOutgoing which does a setIndex on the buffer to read the
PDU type, but never resets it (so it thinks the buffer is only 3 bytes
long, which is what it sends over the wire).  I got it to send some
stuff after that, but got a fault.

I'm knee deep in Davenport right now but I'll have a closer look when
I get a chance; I think it is really close to working. :)


On Sat, 14 Aug 2004 17:23:30 -0400, Michael B Allen <mba2000 at ioplex.com> wrote:
> Eric,
> I've performed some major surgery on Jarapac. Mainly I've removed or
> replaced the NDR code which was quite pervasive. The old ndr package is in
> src/ndr.old replaced with the comparitively empty src/jarapac/ndr. The
> changes where a little crude but I think there might be an opportunity to
> further IDLize some of the PDU code so I'm not going to get carried away
> with details at this point. As you're aware I've written an idl compiler -
> the result of which is examples/NetShareEnum.java. There's a makefile that
> might help you build/run that example. Currently only the ncacn_np/jarapac
> combo complies but it does not work (something about no provider?). Anyway I
> think it's close. Since this is your baby, I think you might make a lot more
> progress at this step. Perhaps you can take a look and give me some
> direction?
> Files are 0.2.0 on Sourceforge:
>     http://sourceforge.net/project/showfiles.php?group_id=94432
> Mike
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> Greedo shoots first? Not in my Star Wars.

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