[jcifs] NTLM authentication through apache

Al apotti at umich.edu
Tue Aug 10 18:05:17 GMT 2004


I'm trying to use NTLM authentication for a group of servlets housed on Tomcat 
(5.0) through Apache (1.3.x using mod_jk). I've installed jCIFS and tried 
authentication through Mozilla and was sucessful (thus, the filter mappings 
are correct, no NETBIOS naming problems, no network difficulties, etc). The 
ports for Tomcat and Apache are their default values (8080 for Tomcat, 80 for 

However, when I try to use NTLM through IE, I get a blank screen. So either 
authentication is successfuly but the server doesn't know it, or it fails to 
get either a NACK or ACK or something. I looked through the error logs of both 
Apache and Tomcat and found nothing. No exception reports or anything. 
However, when i directly connect to the tomcat server 
(http://url:8080/webapp/), i authenticate successfully. So I'm thinking there 
is something between the Apache and Tomcat communcation that is messing 
something up. Explicitly defining the port doesn't matter for Mozilla, 
although it prompts for re-verification (as expected). 

So am I missing some specific configuration if jCIFS is expected to work 
through Apache?. I'm probably doing something boneheaded, but I can't find 
what it is. I have the tcpdump if anyone wants it (and there are no proxy 
servers involved this time). 


PS: If all else fails, is there a setting that forces a prompt asking for 
username/password. It defeats the purpose of transparency, but specifying the 
port number in links to your web app is bad too....(lesser of two evils?)

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