[jcifs] No response to NTLM challenge

Eric Glass eric.glass at gmail.com
Mon Aug 2 15:15:00 GMT 2004

> The problem I have is that the client fails to send a type 3 response in
> answer to a type 2 message from the server, and I noticed a posting from
> March 2003 showing a problem with Windows 98 /IE6. (Thread subject: NTLM
> + TOMCAT + WINDOWS 98 (IE6) combination) This is similar to us in that
> the problem here emerged after an upgrade to XP / IE6 from NT4 / IE5.5.
> I have got hold of a machine running our old spec NT4/IE5.5 machines and
> run a trace, but I haven't yet spotted any significant difference
> between packets from this and packets from a new spec XP/IE6 machine. I
> can provide copies of the packet captures from the old spec machine if
> you would like to see them.

Hmm.  Yes, any traces you have between the client and the HTTP server
would be useful; you can send them to me directly and I'll have a
look.  If you have a capture from the older box, that would be useful
as well to look for deltas.


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