[jcifs] No response to NTLM challenge

Steven.Durkin at scotland.gsi.gov.uk Steven.Durkin at scotland.gsi.gov.uk
Mon Aug 2 13:15:44 GMT 2004

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I have finally managed to get the time and necessary tools to try out
the changes you suggested. Apologies for the delay. I have detailed the
results from that below. 

The problem I have is that the client fails to send a type 3 response in
answer to a type 2 message from the server, and I noticed a posting from
March 2003 showing a problem with Windows 98 /IE6. (Thread subject: NTLM
+ TOMCAT + WINDOWS 98 (IE6) combination) This is similar to us in that
the problem here emerged after an upgrade to XP / IE6 from NT4 / IE5.5.
I have got hold of a machine running our old spec NT4/IE5.5 machines and
run a trace, but I haven't yet spotted any significant difference
between packets from this and packets from a new spec XP/IE6 machine. I
can provide copies of the packet captures from the old spec machine if
you would like to see them. 

I must admit I am a bit stuck on what to look at next. I'm wondering if
there are any client side settings that I should check? Could you
suggest anything?

In the meantime here are the results from your previous suggestions:

> 1) Try the request against Tomcat directly (rather than going through
> the mod_jk connector).  

Working against tomcat directly doesn't send an empty body for me (I
still get content returned with the challenge message) But the behaviour
overall *is* modified. Under Coyote the client responds with a simple
GET request as it did under Apache/mod_jk, (i.e. no type3 message
generated). However while the response from the server is still a 401 as
before, the client then attempts to negotiate an NTLM authentication
process for a second time before going silent. (Under apache/mod_jk the
client went dumb after the second 401 from the server.) I can provide
copies of packet captures from this transaction if you require them.

> 2) We shouldn't have to hardcode a 0 content length; chunked encoding
> appears to work fine.  This is a preferable approach, as it would
> allow for any error content that the container happens to append to
> the response.  The attached version has the fix applied; see if this
> works under the mod_jk connector.

I compiled new classes from the source in jcifs-0.9.6.zip, replacing
NtlmSsp.java with the copy you emailed me, but although the header no
longer includes "Content-Length" I got no overall change in behaviour -
IE6 does not send a type 3 response.

Thanks for your support on this, it is much appreciated. If I can
provide any further information then let me know and I will do my best
to provide it,


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